Mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to prepare qualified graduates, scientifically and technically capable of competing in the labour market and acquire several skills that enable them to communicate scientifically and professionally in their working environments, meet the ethics of the profession and be qualified to keep abreast of the scientific and technological developments of the mechanical engineering profession.

In addition, the DMechE mission is to build its research capacity to enable it to effectively and actively contribute in building up and sustain the competitive advantage of the Country by active involvement and contribution in relevant public bodies, scientific committees and professional bodies.  

Last but not least, the DMechE visions to become the National leader in supporting the fledgling Hydrocarbons Industry sector in Cyprus in all fields related to Mechanical Engineering. This support can be in providing services in the fields of training & education, applied research and professional services. 

Strategic Plan

The Department’s Strategic Plan is based on the objectives of the University’s Strategic Plan aims in the fulfilment of the mission of the Department and the mission of the University as a whole. The development of the Departments’ Strategic Plans considered the current developments in the disciplines related to the programs of study of the Department, national and regional factors that affect the Department, as well as information and feedback obtained from the academic staff, the students, the graduates, the employers and other stakeholders. The developed Strategic Plan is a six-year plan that includes a SWOT analysis, short term and long term strategic goals and action plans, as well as a monitoring framework. 

The main goals of the Strategic Plan of the Department are directly aligned with the University's priorities of excellence in the following five pillars: (A) Education, (B) Research, (C) Infrastructure, (D) Promotion and International orientation and (E) Society Contribution

Strategic Goals

The Strategic Plan of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is implemented via the short-, the medium- and the long-term Strategic Goals defined for a period of 5 years, towards the achievement of the mission and the vision of the Department. These goals are broken down into specific pillars arising from the mission of the Department, as follows:

Pillar A – Education

Offer high quality teaching aiming academic excellence by reviewing and enriching when necessary the programmes of study offered on a bi-annual basis according to the most recent technological advancements. Encourage the engagement of students in research and innovation activities at all the levels of Education.

Develop a positive educational environment for students by including students’ representatives in all decision making bodies of the Department and increasing academic student support. Promote and support student mobility and industrial placements and create a multinational environment that would assist international students to be integrated.

Pillar B – Research

Promote Research and Innovation activities in alignment with the University’s and the Department’s Research and Innovation policy. Strengthen and expand the existing research groups and centres and encourage the development of new research units and the recruitment of PhD students and new researchers.

Pillar C – Infrastructure

Ensure that Laboratory infrastructure is enhancing and supporting the Programmes offered, aiming to be the stronghold of the Department.

Pillar D – Promotion and International Orientation

Promote the Programmes offered by the Department through promotional material, website posts, social media and Promotional events, to attract home and international students. Develop joint-masters, joint-PhD programmes/ supervisions in common research areas with partner Institutions from ongoing or completed research or mobility projects

Pillar E – Society Contribution

Organise events open to the public, and focus on research activities that would meet society needs. Establish strategic partnerships with companies, social organisations, for mutual promotion of activities. Develop programmes for Adult Education and Life-Long Learning, in the form of cross-disciplinary courses for candidates from diverse backgrounds.

About Us

The aim of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to educate future mechanical engineers, providing them with the required knowledge to lead the industrial and production sector and to become an outstanding academic center for studies in the wider European context.

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