The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to provide excellent teaching and to create the environment for effective learning, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, while improving the Country's competitive advantage through cutting edge engineering research activities as these apply to various economic sectors. Over the years the Department has built its research reputation at National, European and International levels and has created strong industrial links.


I was informed that the Mechanical Engineering program of Frederick University introduced the Oil & Gas direction. As soon as I was informed about the professors' CVs, I signed up without any second thought. The collaboration we have with the faculty at Frederick is crucial. The fact that a student has the opportunity to share his ideas on a personal level with the academics is a great motivation. 

I never to set limits to my dreams. Whatever I aiming for, I wish to accomplish. So for me, building a custom made racing car from scratch was the motivation and the reason I joined the F1 team of Frederick University. The fact that I would give life to something that did not exist impressed me and made me passionate. Before the presentation of the project was over, I had decided that I wanted to be part of this team.
I was lucky to have professors who conveyed to me their own love and passion for Engineering and that was very important. It gave me extra strength and motivation. I believed I could do it. It was something I always believed in and now I see it happening. I set goals and I saw that I was achieving them and that made me set higher goals. We have a lot of potential and what you think about yourself is what ultimately determines your future.

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The aim of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to educate future mechanical engineers, providing them with the required knowledge to lead the industrial and production sector and to become an outstanding academic center for studies in the wider European context.

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7, Y. Frederickou Str. Pallouriotisa, Nicosia 1036 Cyprus
+357 22394394